This edition of the Frasassi Climbing Festival (the sixth) has also come to an end.

We are all very satisfied despite the effort and the difficulties faced due to the Covid-19 pandemic which inevitably saw us, protagonists, in an unexpected “tour de force”.
We, therefore, had to make the best of bad luck and improvise as a handyman to fulfill the role of people who, for fear or impossibility, we’re unable to be present during the Festival.
More than 700 were registered and 2500 visitors.
Almost all of the athletes come from Italy with some “shy” access from some German, French, and English. Certainly, in this case, the closed borders and the psychosis caused by the pandemic have significantly affected the performance of our event which has nevertheless maintained the standard and quality of hospitality worthy of previous editions.
We had fun with the Street Boulder perfectly traced by friends from Ascoli Piceno (organizers of the Street Boulder Italia Circuit) and with the Frasassi Challenge with the usual “workaholics” of the crag, some of whom reached over 800m of uphill climbing!
There have been many adhesions to cave exits and excursions. One of these in particular, which took place at 5 in the morning, gave many the opportunity to see the sunrise directly from the top of our beautiful mountains.
The second stage of the fundamental FCF Lab (perfectly managed by his friend Bruno Vitale) with demonstrations of bolting at the crag preceded by a theoretical and didactic phase.
The second stop also for the Yoga session inside the splendid Frasassi Caves, last edition it was the staff of Epic Tv and the very kind Sara Grippo who gave us the inspiration to create this wonderful variant of traditional yoga outdoors. Mountain Bike has also had its space with beautiful routes created inside the Parco Gola Rossa and Frasassi with participants  of all ages and training (some in Ebike)
There was no lack of recreational activities within the colorful Village such as the tried and tested Frasassi Warrior, Pole Dance, and Calisthenics, fundamental attractions in each edition.
Adequate food and excellent beer distinguished the moments of relaxation and the excellent music of our now very solid partner Versante Sud and Climbing Radio.
Denis Hurubko is back to visit us with his beloved partner Maria. Silvio Reffo of the La Sportiva team held a very interesting workshop on climbing training techniques. Gabriele Moroni was also with us who participated in the first Petz Belay Better with Petzl, demonstrating the safety and the consequences that a fall can cause if not carefully insured.
In short, a beautiful Festival that reaffirmed how much the desire to do and the energy are within us and how much fear can be defeated with attention and rationality.

700 times thank you and let’s go together again for a spectacular 2021 Festival!