In 2016 the Frasassi Climbing Festival will run from 15th to 18th September in the Natural Regional Park of Gola della Rossa e Frasassi. This area is well-known for its amazing caves and its thermal waters but there is also another side of it, not as well known but just as exciting: the landscape. The Park seems to have been created so as to offer a multitude of outdoor activities, especially for young people who love climbing, biking, walking on the highline, running across the mountains and of course hiking and trekking.


Rock Climbing will be the main sport of the Frasassi Climbing Festival. There will be a 48 hour marathon and different contests on artificial structures. To appreciate the territory, the history and its culture, a street boulder contest will be organized in the historical walls of Serra San Quirico village.


Another big attraction of the event will be the highline. Last year this sport beckoned a big amount of guys thanks to the amazing spots and the landscape. 2 sectors, 15 lines and an average exposition of 200m: breathtaking emotions has been guaranteed. In this festival edition the offer will be enriched with two more sectors and the project of a 300m line.


In the past edition the trekking has had an huge consent, that’s why this year different tours with different difficulties will be organized to satisfy every guest. The area offers special landscapes, each of them deserves to be reached.


Every biker is welcome to have fun in this Natural Park, the diversity of the territory can offer relevant possibilities to find the path that fits one’s capabilities and idea of biking.


Vertical, sky and trail are the specialties paths that will be proposed to the lovers of the running. A well structured program will plan to guarantee an unforgettable contest.


It is one of the most relevant activities in the area as Frasassi Caves are one of the most important subterranean worlds in Europe since the early 70s, when they were discovered. In 2016 edition Frasassi Climbing Festival will extend its offer to everybody loves to lower deep inside limestone tunnels.


Considering the success had last year, daily yoga lessons will be organized . There will also be a special yoga meeting at sunset in order to relax participants’ bodies after a day of sport.


Frasassi Climbing Festival takes care of familiesand their kids who will be able to attend orienteering activities, treasure hunts, recycle and reuse education and many other laboratories.


The 2016 edition has the ambition to bring the art close the athletes. The goal is to have some contemporary artworks in those places where normally you don’t expect to find them. FCF will host also the solo exhibition of Alberto Graia, climber and artist who speaks about nature through his artworks.


And when the sun goes down, the party continues with important guests from the climbing world. To follow musical bands and DJs will accompany the visitors until bedtime on Saturday night.


In the Festival village will be available a tensile structure which will host the visitors in case of bad weather. In this way conference, concert, bouldering and slacklining will be guaranteed anyway.